There are two quests available for each vocation, one at lv 15 and the other at lv 40. The lv 15 quests gives vocation-specific equipment. The lv 40 quests give the player a scroll that gives a certain benefit or skill. For help with these quests, go to the quest guide on GameFaqs.

Scrolls and what they doEdit

Vocation- Name of scroll- What they do Warrior- Warrior's Workbook- Allows character to perform off-the-cuff counterattacks (sometimes counterattacks)

Priest- Priest's Primer- Allows character to use Wave of Relief (cures most status ailments)

Mage- Mage's Manual- Allows character to use Weakening Wave (weakens the enemy (attack and defence?))

Martial Artist- Martial Artist's Manual- Allows character to take tension from battle to battle (?)

Thief- Thief's Theory- Allows character to steal stuff without lifting a finger (small chance of stealing items after battle)

Minstrel- Minstrel's Manual- Allows character to use Gritty Ditty (raises all party members attack a little)

Gladiator- Gladiator's Guide- Allows character to perform two hits per turn sometimes (chance of double attack)

Paladin- Paladin's Primer- Allows character to use Solar Flair (deals damage (based on magical mending))

Armamentalist- Allows character to focus the Fource for you and all you allies (Fource effects apply to all party members)

Ranger- Ranger's Revelations- Allows character to perform critical hits in times of crisis (higher chance of critical hit (when in danger?))

Sage- Sage's Scripture- Allows character to use Twocus Pocus (gives one character the ability to use 2 spells in one turn (uses same spell twice for the price of one) (ability must be used in battle))

Luminary- Luminary's Lore- Allows character to use Gold Rush (deals heavy damage for the price of 1 000 gold)


After revocating a vocation for the very first time, the player will receive a badge. These badges provide benefits to the wearer. Any vocation may wear any badge. Note that a badge is under accessories and you will not be able to equip another accessory unless it is removed.