100 skill points can be allocated to each skill tree. At 100 skill points, the character becomes able to equip the weapon without care for their current vocation. Fisticuffs does not have this skill at 100 points as anyone is able to not equip a weapon. When players complete Swinedimples Academy's story, 'teachers' appear in and around the school's different buildings. Each teacher gives different quests which, on completion of the first, give a weapon (except fisticuffs) and, on completion of the second, gives an amazing technique unique to that weapon (these come in the form of book). To use these, a party member must have the book in their pocket and have the correct weapon equipped.

Unique AbilitiesEdit

Axe- Whopper Chop- deals damage, possible higher chance of critical hit

Boomerang- deal moderate damage to one enemy

Bow- Shining Shot- deals light (element) damage to all enemies

Claw- Hand of God- heavy damage to one enemy

Fan- Hustle Dance- heals some hp to all characters

Fisticuffs- Miracle Moon- attacks all enemies, absorbs hp

Hammer- Big Banga- heavy damage to all enemies

Knife- Persecutter- heavy damage to sleeping/confused enemies

Shield- (not an ability) "Pop this in your pocket to completely avoid critical hits"

Spear- Lightning Storm- hits all enemies with thunderbolts

Staff- Counter Wait- dodge an attack and counter, in effect on turn of use only

Sword- Gigagash- deals heavy damage to a group of enemies

Wand- Zing Stick- same effect as Zing

Whip- Serpent's Bite- deals moderate damage to a group of enemies